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Welcome to Soldier Home Realty

Our service starts here.
Our desire to serve never leaves us.

We combine years of experience with a no-nonsense attitude to reach success. As veterans, we understand the value of hard work, discipline, and attention to detail. With an ample amount of experience in business, technology, and marketing, we are well equipped to help you navigate your next successful real estate venture.

What we do
Let's get it off the market.

Our team is dedicated to serving the community with diligence, honesty, and hard work. It is important to us that we make the surrounding community feel like they're a part of something bigger.

  • For Sale

    Learn about exciting opportunities to become a property owner.

  • For Lease

    Rent a beautiful place for a great deal and in a great location.

  • Sold

    Get your property off the market and cash in your pocket ASAP.

  • Land

    Find opportunities to develop your dream property while making a smart investment.

  • Concierge

    We will handle everything. Our duty to the community is the pride of our business.

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Chosen for our service, famous for our results!

Our team
Disciplined, diligent, and professional.

As veterans, we understand the value of teamwork. It is our promise that we will always serve you with the utmost attention to detail and work tirelessly until the job gets done.

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Stay up to date on what we're up to. Our media presence is intended to provide our clients with more information on what we do and who we are.

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    Get the inside scoop and learn more about what we've been doing in the neighborhood.

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    Listen to us discuss the real estate market, our thoughts on it, and how it's evolving.

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    Enjoy hours of video content centered on real estate and the surrounding community.

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